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Specializing in Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Motorcycle Coverage throughout Minnesota

We offer free quotes, because we’re confident we can find the perfect policy for your vehicle, motorcycle, or home. Not only will we find a policy that fits your needs perfectly, but we’re sure we can get you the best rate as well. There’s a reason that home and vehicle owners across Minnesota have trusted us with their insurance needs since 1967. It’s because we have your best interest in mind when we compare insurance policies for you.

Why can’t I get an online quote?

Many insurance agencies with an online presence encourage you to use online tools to receive an auto or homeowner’s quote, but the software may not consider your entire situation. At Abbott Insurance Agency, we actually prefer to talk directly with you, because we want to build a personal connection with you and collect vital information. This direct communication allows us to understand your situation better, so we can quickly compare policies and gather insurance quotes that will effectively and affordably meet your needs. Call or stop by one of our offices to get started.

Abbott Insurance Agents are here to provide guidance.

We are here to help you navigate the confusing world of insurance. Policies can have a lot of complicated terms that make it difficult for a consumer to navigate them without guidance. Because we are a small and local business, we can give you personalized service unlike big corporate representatives. We can give you an unbiased recommendation, because we aren’t tied to only one insurance company. We will take the time to get to know you and your insurance needs, then sift through the dozen+ insurance companies that we represent for the perfect fit.

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